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ADAMS, John, Old Square Toes and His Lady: The Life of James and Amelia Douglas, Victoria: Horsdal & Schubart, 2001. Book. Enjoyable dual biography of British Columbia's multicultural "First Family".

Al McGregor Communications, Inc., In Search of Sally: The Sally Ainse Project, 2004. Video. Investigation into the life of a native, mother, fur trader and landowner in southwestern Ontario during the early 19th c. Video and additional resource material for schools can be ordered directly from the producer at al.mcgregor@sympatico.ca.

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Champlain Society, The. Publisher of many volumes of HBC primary documents. Many of these sources have been digitally published. For a listing see http://link.library.utoronto.ca/champlain/search.cfm?lang=eng.

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HISTORICAL ATLAS OF CANADA ONLINE LEARNING PROJECT, http://www.historicalatlas.ca/website/hacolp. Toronto: University of Toronto, Department of Geography, 2007. Website. Online version of the Historical Atlas of Canada (1987-1998) with added functionality for web users.

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Hudson's Bay Record Society. Publisher of many volumes of HBC primary documents. Many of these sources have been digitally published by the Champlain Society. For a list see http://link.library.utoronto.ca/champlain/search.cfm?lang=eng

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JOHNSON, Dennis F., Inland Armada - The York Boats of the Hudson's Bay Company, Selkirk, MB: Lower Fort Garry Volunteer Association, Inc. 2005. Book. An informative monograph on the history, development and widespread use of the boat which became the workhorse of the later fur trade.

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